Thomas Finer

Thomas Finer

Thomas Finer

Executive Sous Chef

Cutting his teeth in humble beginnings, Chef Thomas caught the restaurant bug at the ripe old age of 17.P.F. Changs was the petri dish to this creative and diverse chef’s career.

Seeing the way a restaurant flows, the elegant dance, from both the front of the house as well as behind the line, Thomas has excellent experience in providing dynamic and entertaining guest service and a top of the line, cutting edge culinary repertoire. Helping former local Chef Charles Mereday come up with his wine and bar program and menu at Alto Live Jazz Kitchen and Meredays Fine Dining, Thomas has been cooking with the pros since he made the total commitment and full transition to the back of the house in late 2014.

With a background in Creative Writing and live music production, Chef Thomas has always had a knack for all things creative.

The meaning behind his hard work and drive for success, his beautiful wife Ashley, his son Daniel and his daughter Ruby!

Working for Chef Brian Roland has really opened this young and talented chef’s eyes.

“I absolutely love it. Every day, there will be a new menu item printed on the wall, something I’ve never executed before. I love having the chance to work with some of southwest Florida’s most talented chefs to come up with such beautifully designed dishes. I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity.”