Private cooking lessons and cooking demonstrations are available for your own personal use with a 1 on 1, or you may invite some friends over and turn it into a dinner party!  Get in the kitchen with Chef Brian Roland and enjoy an educational experience that will challenge your mind and improve your culinary skills!

Cooking classes are innovative by nature, as they will not only teach you how to prepare a menu of dishes, but will also cover presentation and garnishing, which enhance prepared dishes and lend confidence in the overall culinary experience. Chef Brian will teach you the right way to balance food textures and flavors, and how to use specific ingredients for certain dishes. You may also be exposed to various cuisines from around the world, which will increase your knowledge in the art of cooking.

  • Want to improve your knife skills?
  • Want to learn some easy tricks to present your food like a professional chef?
  • Having trouble with time management in the kitchen?
  • Looking to better learn a cooking technique you’ve always struggled with?

Let Chef Brian and the Team at Crave Culinaire help you overcome your fears in the kitchen and help you learn how to impress your family and friends!

Be a part of the finished product! In a cooking lesson, you and your friends are in charge of certain tasks along the way.  Chef Brian will conduct a demonstration, and you may follow along step by step.  He will guide you through each process until you feel comfortable with that task.  The end result: a fun and interactive night with friends, where you get to improve your culinary skills, and eat your own delicious creations!

There are 2 different types of classes available: Basic vs. Advanced

Basics Cooking Lessons Include:

  • Basic Knife Skills and Knife Sharpening
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Learn How To Set Up Your Work Station
  • Introduction to Kitchen Tools and Cookware
  • Introduction to Stocks, Soups, Sauces, Product Identification, French Culinary Terms
  • Menu Planning
  • Sanitation
  • Food Storage
  • How to Select the Best Ingredients

Advanced Cooking Lessons Include:

  • Advanced Knife Skills and Knife Sharpening
  • Learn The Importance of Timing in the Kitchen
  • Evaluate Recipes and Break Them Down Into Steps, Then Execute the Steps Logically
  • Advanced Plate Presentation
  • Nutrition
  • Advanced Sauces
  • Learn How to Use The Supermarket as a Restaurant Tool
  • Learning a Particular Cuisine (French, Asian, Italian, Continental) or Cooking Skill (ie: Sushi Rolling, Banana’s Foster, Fabricating Whole Fish or Meat,  Grilling, Sautéing, Frying, Etc)

Customize Your Own Cooking Class.
Tell Chef Brian What You Would Like To Learn! 

Give the gift they will Crave!