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04 Jun

5 Tips to Glam Up Your Summer BBQ

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Summertime is upon us. Longer, warmer days are paired with relaxation, making summer the ideal time to host a BBQ. However, you may want to forget about the paper plates, plastic silverware and flimsy cups for your next soiree. We’re here to let you in on a little secret….it’s time to glam up your summer BBQ. Here’s how.

It’s All In The Details

Choosing a theme for your summer BBQ is a perfect place to start. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It could be built around a set of colors or a movie theme. Any way you want to go about creating your theme works, and that’s where the fun begins. Find décor that corresponds to your theme to accent the space, and try glamming it up with a unique centerpiece for each table.

Food with a Twist

Take classic recipes and add a fresh, modern twist to them! Add a unique ingredient to a simple dish or even change up how that dish is served. The key here is to keep it simple. Take plain, old corn on the cob, for example. Mix it up by throwing it on the grill and sprinkling some Parmesan cheese over top to add a new twist to a classic summer BBQ staple.

Pour the Drinks

No BBQ is complete without some fun, refreshing drinks and let’s face it…the last thing you want to do at your summer BBQ is constantly play bartender. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep it simple and easy in this area also. Choose drinks that your guests can pour themselves. Even consider making a signature cocktail that you can serve out of pitchers or drink dispensers that corresponds to your theme.

Guest Entertainment

Your guests want to be entertained…that’s a fact. It doesn’t mean that you have to lose your glamorous appeal though! Choose yard games that are fun for your guests, yet tasteful, like:

  • Croquet

  • Horseshoes

  • Bocce ball

  • Rustic cornhole

  • Giant Jenga

Keep your guests entertained, while also having designated areas for entertainment that are separate from where your guests want to eat and socialize. This way, your guests will feel like they have their own space for what they want to do.

Keeping It Relaxed

Summertime is a time for relaxation. That’s why it’s important to keep your summer BBQ relaxed. Simple foods with glamorous twists and fun entertainment will have your guests wanting more! Be sure to make the food and drinks easily accessible. A good idea is to serve it buffet style, so guests can serve themselves as they wish. Pull it all together with a low-key summertime playlist in the background. Keep the drinks flowing and the food plentiful, and you’ll be on your way to a BBQ your guests will never forget!

Do you need some help with your summer BBQ menu? Let the experts at Crave Culinaire help you design the perfect food menu to go along with your summertime theme. Call (239) 292-1529 or visit to get started today!

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12 Mar

Raise Your Bar with Innovative Cocktails

In Catering,Dinner Parties by Jennifer Nalevanko / March 12, 2018 / 0 Comments

However you say it, no celebration is complete without a toast, and what better way to toast than with a signature cocktail created just for you? Innovative cocktails are fun and easy ways to add some extra personalization to your party or special event. All you need are cocktail ingredients, personalized items to make them special and a creative way to present them.


Step up your bar game at the next event you’re hosting with few different cocktails so everyone has something that they enjoy. Break it down with:


  • Different types of liquor
  • An assortment of beers; light and regular
  • Red, white, and rose wine


Your guests will appreciate the fun touch and the variety.


Whether the cocktails are made with unusual ingredients such as mushrooms, almond fat–washed rum, served in unusual vessels or featuring trendy techniques, we are currently awash in smart, forward-thinking drinks. Here are a few of the most innovative craft cocktails to drink right now.


Jasmine Blossoms Cocktail


This unique Whiskey cocktail is aromatic, citrusy, and easy to drink.  The Whiskey used, Manhattan Moonshine, is a lighter, simpler Whiskey that is aged for less than one hour and so it does not have the heavy barrel flavors that make brown Whiskeys harder to mix.  Enjoy the hint of apricot alongside the fragrant jasmine flavors in this light and summery cocktail.


Bubbly Cocktails


Bubbly is an undeniably timeless tradition, but it’s taking off now more than ever. Everyone’s enjoying champagne and sparkling wine, from people at home to those in the restaurant world. Offering more champagne and bubbles at an event turn everything into a celebration. Mix the champagne or prosecco with fruits, candies, and spices to keep them fun.


The Root to Longevity Cocktail


How often have you seen beets used in a drink? Probably not often, if at all, but they work and they work rather well. In this recipe, a sweetened beet puree steals the show and pairs perfectly with Plymouth Gin, lemon, and mint. It’s a simple recipe and perfect for a fresh from the garden taste.


Carrot Cake Cocktail


It’s time to have a little fun with cake vodka and it’s definitely not the ordinary profile for vodkas of this sort. As the name implies, the drink does attempt to emulate a home-baked carrot cake and it does a fair job at it. The mix includes UV Cake and carrot juice, adding in milk, nutmeg, and cinnamon with a splash of soda to liven it up. If you love carrot cake, you may want to consider this one, just have your juicer ready because carrot juice can be hard to find.


Crave Culinaire has been known to push the boundaries when it comes to cocktail design and creation. Crave Culinaire can work with you to make a more intriguing cocktail based on your drink of choice for your event. The party will revolve around the mixing and pouring of drinks, and the unique cocktails will mesmerize you all night. Next time you’re planning an event and looking for a caterer, contact Crave Culinaire for delicious food and spectacular cocktails.


To learn more about Crave Culinaire and innovative cocktails, call us at (239) 292-1529 or visit our website at


19 Jan

Should I Offer Vegetarian and Vegan Options at My Catering Event?

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Vegan and vegetarian diets are on the rise. More and more people are turning to these eating styles to become healthier and lose weight, and party guests are more health conscious than ever before. 2018 will be about going above and beyond offering vegetarian, organic, and all-natural options and including more vegan, raw, and plant-based plates. People want to find ways to incorporate proteins without eating meats. Let’s break down why you should consider offering more plant-based meals at your event.

Vegetarian and Vegan Meals

When people picture catering, they see traditional meals being served; appetizers, main courses, side dishes and desserts. Typically the entrée is meat with a choice of sides. People’s stance on this way of traditional eating is being influenced. Vegan and vegetarian popularity is growing rapidly today. Vegetarian restaurants and catering companies are popping up everywhere as a growing number of Americans are discovering the health benefits of eating green.

With a growing fan base for vegetarian diets. Vegetables are becoming the stars of the kitchen. Veggies are now the ‘cool’ thing to eat, and it’s our job to dress them up and present them to guests in the most appetizing way. You will see this in leading restaurants and it’s no stranger to the catering world. The variety of fun vegetables, as well as the unique ways chefs are preparing them, is going to inspire more meals with vegetables as the focal point rather than protein.

With a vegetarian or vegan menu, you may think that your menu options are limited, but this is completely untrue! Talented chefs like Chef Brian and the Crave Culinaire team have the ability to present familiar flavors and foods, but do so on an all plant-based pallet.

Offering vegan options means you’re opening the door to a whole new crowd, reaching out to people you would have never connected with when serving typical food.


If you’re curious about the benefits of having your event catered with vegan and vegetarian options, then keep reading. You will benefit from our flexibility and creativity. We can construct delicious food that your guests will love and want to come back for more. More benefits include:

  • Vegetarian foods are high in vitamins and proteins, and have no downsides such as trans-fats.
  • Vegan or vegetarian menus can cater to guests with a variety of special dietary needs.
  • Most people have never had the experience of eating a vegetarian meal. We can create a unique dining experience for them centered on vegetarian plates.


Crave Culinaire is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to dining. We can work with you when catering your event to provide you vegan or vegetarian options, pair them with drinks, and present them beautifully. Consider vegan and vegetarian options when planning your next event with Crave Culinaire to appeal to the masses and bring some diversity to your plate.

To learn more about our menus and catering, call (239) 292-1529 or visit our website at


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