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Taco Trends for Your Next Fiesta

By June 27, 2023 Events
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Tacos aren’t just for the casual crowd. They’re a popular option that people love to see at any event, from graduations to dinner parties to galas.

After all, one of the best things about tacos is their versatility. Given the possible combinations, you could quite literally make them in a million different ways — from the upscale oyster taco to the gourmet duck carnitas taco to the traditional ground beef and cheese taco. Their ability to transcend clichés and subvert expectations makes them a fantastic choice in any setting.

If you’re looking for some interesting ways to put a classy spin on a classic dish, check out these trendy taco ideas for a party that your guests won’t forget.

Wake Up and Chow Down: Breakfast Tacos

While tacos are usually a lunch or dinner dish, there’s a new kind of taco on the block — breakfast tacos.

Breakfast tacos spice up any morning meal, no matter what your ingredient preferences are. All of your usual breakfast favorites can fit right into a taco (or five).

Some breakfast taco toppings to keep in mind:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Shredded cheese
  • Plant-based breakfast meat
  • Potatoes
  • Chorizo
  • Turkey sausage
  • Bacon
  • Feta cheese

These are just a few of the creative toppings you can experiment with during your next morning taco meal.

Taco Meat Alternatives for Veggie Dieters

Vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming increasingly popular as the years go on. In order to accommodate every guest, you should consider meat alternatives for your taco buffets.

You can find almost any type of meat in plant-based form these days. If you want to avoid ultra-processed ingredients, try a plant-based food that naturally mimics the texture of meat. Some examples include jackfruit and mushrooms.

Plant-based meats are becoming more believable. Many meat-eaters can’t even tell the difference during blind taste tests!

Elite Flavor Combos: Mixing Sweet and Savory

Modern culinary delights usually include something sweet and something savory at the same time. In the past, people didn’t tend to mix these flavors in the same dish, but times have changed.

Sweetness balances out the sour, salty, and fatty notes of savory foods.

Taco ideas for a party with sweet and savory bites include:

  • Tropical fruit
  • Sweet and spicy salsa
  • Barbecue-style meats
  • Maple syrup glaze
  • Orange chicken
  • Sweet potatoes

These fillings will make any taco fiesta a hit with your guests!

Different Shells for Different Folks

Regular taco shells (both hard and soft) are usually made from corn and flour. However, not everyone wants to (or can) consume carb-heavy taco ingredients. That’s where alternative shells come in.

Instead of using crunchy corn-based shells, try making a do-it-yourself taco bowl buffet instead. This way, guests can use lettuce or other greens as their bases for taco dishes. You can also serve healthy tacos made from eggplant, zucchini, or other veggie shells.

No matter what you choose, your guests will be thankful for the range of options they can enjoy at your party.

Experiment with These Taco Ideas for a Party

Your next fiesta will be next-level if you try these innovative, modern taco trends. Guests love to see modern twists on classic foods — and tacos sure are classic!

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