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Crave Culinaire Announces Return to Full Capacity Operations Amidst Brian Roland’s Absence from the Company

By January 7, 2022 Press Releases

Bonita Springs, Florida, January 7th, 2022—Popular Southwest Florida caterer, Crave Culinaire, announces today that Crave Culinaire and all of its sister companies have returned to full capacity operations, despite Chef Brian Roland’s absence. The prominent chef sustained serious injuries and remains hospitalized after a much-publicized incident at an event at Ferrari Naples on December 4th.

Since the incident, some of the team roles at Crave Companies have been temporarily reassigned, awaiting Chef Brian Roland’s return. As a whole, Team Crave has banded together as a family, risen to the occasion, and doubled down on their commitment to continue Chef Brian and Crave’s mission of delivering unforgettable hospitality experiences to each and every client and their guests. The team, which has been hand-selected and copiously trained by Brian and Nicole, is working in full force to consult, plan, design and deliver exceptional catering and event experiences like never before.

In addition, Crave Culinaire’s parent company, Crave Companies (, is moving forward with the launch of an exceptional new project, which is expected to be made public in early 2022.

Crave Culinaire (, Virtual Venue SWFL ( and Crave Event Staffing ( are currently accepting bookings for February 2022 and beyond, while Zest at Valencia Bonita ( continues normal operations.

Nicole Roland, Co-Owner of Crave Companies speaks about how much the continued outpouring of support means for the team.

“We are fortunate enough to have so much support and so many prayers coming our way, which is propelling us forward each and every day. We are a strong team and we excel at working together to achieve a common goal, which is to provide the very best service to our clients imaginable. We can’t begin to thank everyone for their support through this challenging time,” she says.

Joshua Cook, acting General Manager, also shows his appreciation for the way in which the Southwest Florida community has banded together for Team Crave.

“Chef Brian has instilled in us an excellence that can’t be shaken, and although things are a little different right now, we’re continuing to move forward and provide outstanding experiences for our clients, and we’re doing this together,” he explains.


About Crave Culinaire

Crave Culinaire is a luxury catering company driven by the pursuit of excellence, immaculate presentation, and breaking boundaries to create the ultimate dining experience by igniting their passion for food in others. Founded by Chef Brian Roland and co-owned by Nicole Roland, their philosophy is simple: Give guests an experience that will heighten their senses, provoke their emotions, tease their palates, and make them smile. Crave Culinaire specializes in in-home dining, private and public events, cooking classes, customized catering, food and wine pairings, and more. Crave Culinaire works hand in hand with its sister company, Virtual Venue SWFL, to create unforgettable events for charity organizations, businesses, and individuals. Crave Culinaire is part of the Crave Companies family of five-star culinary brands. For more information, visit