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Party Trends for 2022

Now more than ever, people are looking to get out and celebrate, especially after being cooped up at home for far too long. It’s expected that 2022 is going to be a year of celebration, as parties pick back up, guests feel more comfortable and safe leaving home, and more venues are open to host all types of gatherings. The best part about 2022 is that there will continue to be options when it comes to how you go about hosting your party. From in-person to virtual gatherings, even a hybrid of both, guests will have options when it comes to attending your soiree. If you’re looking to plan the ultimate get-together in the new year, keep these ideas in mind, so that you can ensure your celebration is like no other.

Here are the top party trends for 2022…

Unique Expression

From the décor to the catering, celebrations in 2022 are expected to be big. Unique event design is the name of the game, blending individuality with an over-the-top feel, making for parties that are more entertaining than ever. If you’re planning a party in 2022, try incorporating some of the following to enhance its overall appeal:

  • Creative catering presentations
  • Performers
  • Caricaturists
  • Fortune tellers
  • Dueling pianos
  • Food trucks

You’ll also want to go big with the décor, immersing your guests into the ambiance of your event. Remember, use your party as a means of expression and try new things when it comes to entertaining those in attendance.

Outdoor Soirees

In light of the protocols set forth by the pandemic, many events were held outside for increased safety. This is expected to remain for 2022, not only due to the fact that guests feel safer, but also because outdoor venues offer so much beauty to any type of event. From seaside dinners to garden parties, embracing our beautiful Southwest Florida backdrop is highly recommended. Getting to enjoy the outdoors, while celebrating something special simply can’t be rivaled.

Making a Statement with Catering

Catering plays a big role in your event, and while we mentioned getting creative with your catering presentations above, we wanted to delve into this a bit more. The days of a boring buffet are over. Instead, catering companies, like Crave Culinaire, seek to add significant appeal to your event by way of drastic culinary masterpieces, designed to enhance the ambiance of your celebration. Creating the ideal menu that perfectly accentuates your event allows your guests to experience so much more during their time with you. Try adding in small bites, ethnic cuisine and to-go treats for more excitement.

Celebrating More

Since most of us have missed out on many events over the past couple of years, it just makes sense that people are ready to celebrate everything…in a big way. Birthdays, retirements, job promotions, you name it, people are ready to get together and enjoy time with the ones who are special to them. So, welcome new neighbors in your community with a block party, celebrate a new pet in the family or join together for a good cause. No matter what, you don’t need an excuse for a party, because 2022 is shaping up to be a time for celebration. There’s no such thing as going too big in 2022, so get creative and plan a party that will excite your guests.


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