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Create a Grazing Table Feast

By December 14, 2023 Dinner Parties, Catering
Grazing Table

If you’re looking to take your next event to another level, consider allowing Crave Culinaire to create a well styled grazing table to elevate your ordinary party foods into an amazing display of food art.  

Charcuterie boards have been growing in popularity over the last few years for good reason. They offer a variety of foods for your guests in a unique display. When you are hosting a larger crowd, a grazing table brings all the flexibility of a traditional charcuterie board but on a bigger scale. A grazing table offers many benefits when you’re hosting a large gathering:  

  • You eliminate the stress of having to keep refiling foods that get eaten quickly 
  • Create a focal point of food that guests can enjoy at their own pace 
  • Offer a wide variety of foods to accommodate guest preferences 
  • Promote a casual, luxe atmosphere where guests can interact over the food offerings 

How do you build a grazing table? 

Most often placed on a large table, a grazing table can offer traditional options such as cheeses, cured meats, breads, chutneys, mini quiches, fruits, vegetables and other bite sized finger foods. The table can offer traditional main course foods as well as desserts. The most important thing is to offer foods that are in bite sized portions, so your guests do not have to fumble around with cutting their food.  

There are endless options when planning a grazing table that allow us to highly customize the foods to your event and its theme. Grazing tables can become a piece of artwork when designed correctly. One way to make the table really be Instagram worthy is to use greenery and different elevations to create layers and textures of food that appeal to all of your guests’ senses.   

What is the cost of a grazing table? 

Clients are often surprised when they start discussing options for their grazing tables. The bountiful display of food often leads people to think they are more expensive to create than they are. The secret behind every amazing grazing table is they are cost effective! You can generally offer more food options for the same price or slightly less of a sit-down meal because you are eliminating wait staff and other overhead costs. When you eliminate certain costs, you have more money to spend on additional elements to incorporate into your grazing table which helps to elevate its presentation to your guests.  

Where do I start? 

Grazing tables offer a more visually appealing and flexible food menu than a traditional buffet. Gone are the chafing dishes that can be cumbersome and aesthetically displeasing. Grazing tables will treat your guests to a relaxed, social, and visually appealing feast! 

Crave Culinaire is ready and excited to work with you on your next event. Whether you are looking to host an intimate event or a large-scale gala, Crave Culinaire is ready and able to help you create a lasting impression on your guests. Call us today at 239-292-1529 or start your quote online