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Southern Comfort: A Menu for the Perfect Southern-Inspired Picnic

By April 8, 2022 Catering, Events

As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, it’s easy to see why we seek to spend more time outside. There’s something about the balmy breezes and the sun-drenched skies that makes us want to congregate, and if you’re planning a picnic get-together this spring, let us help! There’s nothing quite like incorporating some southern charm into your picnic, especially since there’s so much southern fare to enjoy. From grits to peach tea, fried green tomatoes to cornbread, you’ll find that adding a touch of the South to your springtime picnic is exactly what your guests desire. So, when it comes to southern comfort, here’s a menu for the perfect southern-inspired picnic that will impress both you and your guests.

Mouth-Watering Southern Appetizers

What’s the best thing about the South, you ask? The food, obviously, and we start our menu off with some of our favorite southern appetizers. A tip for your appetizers is making them easy to grab and go, so that your guests can mingle and catch up with each other over some classic southern bites. Our favorite appetizers to serve at your picnic include:

Dips and small bites are perfect to get your picnic started, so bring on the southern flavor and leave your guests wanting more.

The Main Course

You’ll want to keep your main course a bit casual and easy to dive into, so that you can keep the momentum of your party going. A few of our go-to main course dishes are:

Southern-inspired dishes are packed with flavor and home-cooked from the heart. Serve these dishes family-style and congregate around a picnic table or picnic blanket and enjoy this cuisine together.

Don’t Forget to Leave Room for Dessert!

Ending with something sweet after all that savory food is a win for your picnic. When it comes to the South, you can be sure that there are plenty of treats that can satisfy any sweet tooth. A few of our go-to southern-style desserts are:

Something sweet just can’t be beat! Plus, using fruit that’s in season will yield the best possible tasting desserts, which makes springtime the best time to make some of these recipes.

Southern-Inspired Cocktails & Beverages

Don’t forget to stay refreshed during your picnic! It’s a key tip in the South to always stay hydrated, which is made easier by a few of our favorite beverages:

Be sure to offer plenty of water also, so that your guests can stay hydrated for the duration of your picnic. Chances are, if it’s in Southwest Florida, you’ll be in for some steamy weather.

A Touch of the South at Your Next Gathering

There’s nothing quite like a southern-themed party, and when you mix in these outstanding dishes and beverages, your guests will instantly be transported to the aura that emanates around southern living. From expansive verandahs to swaying palm trees, the South showcases some of the best sights in the country, as well as the best food too. Take your picnic to the next level by opting for a southern-inspired menu with a few of these southern staples.


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