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A+ Graduation Parties

By April 10, 2024 Catering
Graduation Party

The end of another school year brings another batch of Graduates and graduation parties and ceremonies. A momentous occasion to celebrate the accomplishments of the son or daughter in your life while they embark on their next phase of life. Crave Culinaire has helped our clients host many graduation parties and would love to help you host an amazing celebration for your Grad!  

Planning a graduation party can be stressful but with the right planning you can enjoy the day with friends and family. Many graduation parties take on the form of an open house which means hosting a party over the course of several hours where guests can come and go. This works especially well during graduation season because so many graduation parties are happening within the same time frame. The downside to this style of party is the host needs to host for many hours. It can get exhausting replenishing food and drinks for guests for hours. Working with Crave Culinaire we can take the hosting duties off your plate so you can enjoy your company! 

Party Time 

A graduation party also means lots of hungry students. An easy way to make your guest happy is to offer plenty of food options they can graze on while they visit. Choosing what time of day to host your party will influence what type of menu to offer. If you will be hosting during the afternoon, we suggest lighter, handhelds that people can eat while mingling.  

Examples that appeal to a wide variety of palettes include:  Burger Bar

  • BBQ sliders 
  • Wraps   
  • Chicken fingers      
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables with dips
  • Miniature cakes and cookies sweets table 

An open house that falls over the dinner hours may incorporate some heavier selections such as: 

  •  Pasta 
  • Taco Bar
  • Salad
  • Burgers
  • Dessert Options 

There are plenty of options to choose from if you want to incorporate a specific type of menu like BBQ or Mexican food, Crave Culinaire chefs create amazing food for many themes that will wow your guests.  

 When it comes to desserts some people choose to have a decorated cake and add a candy table around the cake to include your Grads childhood favorites – M&M’s, licorice, sour candies, and Hershey Kisses are all examples of candy you can offer. A sentimental way to reminisce about all the amazing moments you’ve had with your Grad. 

Staffing Options 

Like we said above, hosting a party can be very time consuming. After you’ve gotten your Graduate through school and invited all of your guests, let Crave Culinaire staff your party so you can take a moment to put your feet up! We provide staff that will make sure your food stays fresh and replenished and your guests’ drinks stay full. Allowing our staff to take over the hosting duties for your party gives you the opportunity to enjoy this momentous occasion with your Graduate.  

Hosting a graduation party takes planning. Enjoying the party is easy when you work with Crave Culinaire! With Crave Culinaire’s amazing catering and staffing options we can help your day run smoothly. Start planning your graduation party by filling out our online quote or take a peek at our sample menus to get some inspiration.