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Hottest Food Trends to Serve at Your Next Gathering

By October 8, 2020 Catering, Events

You may be really looking forward to hosting your next gathering, whether it’s a small, in-person event, a virtual party or a combination of the two, and when it comes to impressing your guests, your menu should be the star of the show! Cultivating a menu that features dishes to complement your event’s look and feel is an important aspect of event planning, and when it comes to some of the most popular trends to look forward to, now that celebrations are on their way back, we’ve got a few fun ideas.

Here are the hottest food trends to serve at your next gathering.

Meat/Plant-Based Hybrids

As we steadily grow more health conscious, it’s no surprise that more plant-based options are going to arise at future events. And as we safely bring back celebrations this year, you may find more meat and plant-based hybrid options on the menu. Combining meats infused with vegetables provides a healthier alternative to many meal options, while also helping to create a more sustainable eating experience. That’s why meat/plant-based blends are expected to really shine in upcoming years. Not only are they delicious, they’re also better for your guests and for the environment.

West African Dishes

Diverse and full of flavor, West African dishes are having a major moment. Rich textures, combined with healthy ingredients make for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. If you’re looking to set your gathering apart from the rest, try adding the following recipes to your event menu:

Hosting events again, whether they’re small or virtual, is exciting and should be celebrated with unique and delicious cuisine.

Alternative Cocktails

A big trend that has been rising throughout the years is non-alcoholic cocktails, and we’re not talking about Shirley Temples either. We mean impressive, top-grade offerings that feature enhanced ingredients that are fused with bold, tantalizing flavors. Try the following at your next event:

For a more versatile menu, alternative cocktails add that certain something that appeals to virtually any guest.

Adventurous Kids’ Cuisine

Gone are the days of bland mac and cheese and chicken tenders. Kids these days are wanting more, which is causing many event planners and hosts to rethink their offerings for young guests. More color, more flavor and more adventure don the menus of many gatherings, showing that kids these days are expanding their palates beyond the kids’ table.

New Celebrations, New Cuisine

As we explore our options when it comes to bringing back celebrations, there are many new rules, ideas and precautions we must keep in mind in order to preserve the health of our guests and the integrity of our events. By adding in some new flavors to the menu, you’re helping your event evolve to the next level, which allows your guests to have an experience like no other. So, for your next small gathering, try incorporating these new flavors and ideas to make your celebration dazzle, impress and delight.

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