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Innovative Catering Techniques to Wow Your Crowd

By May 24, 2019 Catering

Gone are the days of boring buffets and lackluster presentation. When it comes to catering an event, the use of innovative techniques and futuristic gadgets are at the forefront of the process. Guests want to be impressed with not only the taste of the dishes, but also with how the culinary delights are constructed, often times wanting to see a live demo performed before enjoying the cuisine. The age of boring creations is over. It’s time for new-age technology and cutting-edge techniques. It’s time to up the wow factor at your event. Here are some of the most innovative catering techniques to wow your crowd.

Incorporating Next -Level Gadgets

Aspiring to add the wow factor to your event calls for some seriously clever devices. Centrifuge technology is being incorporated into more and more events, making items like the Spinzall a must-have gadget in the caterers’ kitchen. Pureeing liquid to hundreds of times the force of gravity not only separates the food particles, it helps to form a beautiful end product, such as ultra-clear liquids, churned butter and infused oils. Portable centrifuges are now available to help make this type of culinary technique more attainable in the kitchen.

Another device being found in more catering kitchens is the anti-griddle. Flash-freeze or semi-freeze foods to create a brilliant take on modern catering techniques. Prepare a frozen appetizer or dessert instantaneously to wow your guests right before their very eyes.

Setting the Scene with Dry Ice

Utilizing dry ice in various types of events not only impresses guests, it also lays down a unique backdrop for your event. Set up an array of stations with blocks of dry ice and place a variety of foods on top, ranging from meats and seafood to beverages and produce. Enhance dishes with dry ice to create a masterpiece that wows before it even touches the palate. Not only is this a functional way to cater your event, it also creates a level of unparalleled ambiance.

Other Unique Catering Techniques

There are so many ways to wow your guests and the technology and techniques just keep improving year after year. Other impressive catering ideas that you may want to add to your next gathering include the use of:

  • Hydrocolloids

  • Liquid nitrogen

  • Sous-vide techniques

  • Smoke accents

  • Open fire food stations

Catering professionals are now pushing the boundaries of modern cuisine with futuristic devices to help enhance their culinary masterpieces. It’s all about guest satisfaction and finding new ways to improve upon catering techniques. Set the scene for your guests, wow them with unique gadgets that can create something spectacular and don’t be afraid to push the envelope when it comes to creativity. It’s important to remember to embrace your uniqueness and harness your ability to provide guests with unmatched experiences through food. So, have fun with it and most of all…impress.

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