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Picnic Perfection: Tips for Stress-Free Snacking in the Sun

By June 10, 2024 Events
Beach Picnic

Summer has arrived in Southwest Florida and one of our favorite things to do is take advantage of our local beaches that are a little less crowded after a busy season. What better way to celebrate the Summer slowdown than by packing a perfect picnic to enjoy while we are there.

If you have ever spent any part of the summer in Southwest Florida, you know the temperature can soar. Keeping your food fresh and delicious can be challenging. Fear not, fellow foodies! With a little planning help from Crave Culinaire you can pack a picnic that will stay cool, inviting and safe to eat. 

Choosing Heat Resistance Foods 

Forget the soggy sandwich at home. Crave Culinaire has you covered with ideas for picnic foods that will last all day in your cooler. The key to a successful summer picnic lies in selecting dishes that can withstand heat. Some of our top choices include: 

  • Refreshing Summer Salads: Pack a hearty summer salad with fresh vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers. Adding quinoa or chickpeas to your salad packs a protein punch and can be tossed with a refreshing vinaigrette. Classic pasta salads also withstand the heat well.  
  • Finger Foods for the Win: If your picnic is at the beach, it’s not always convenient to have to eat with utensils and a plate. The sand, the wind and other elements can make formal eating a challenge. Pre-cut melon, strawberries, grapes, and vegetables are refreshing options to offer. Unique foods like spring rolls and sandwiches on a hardy bread roll will survive the summer sweat. 
  • Delightful Desserts: Rounding out your summer picnic with a sweet treat after a long day in the sun makes everyone happy. Keep the selections light, cool and simple. Watermelon is always refreshing but if you still want a dose of sugary sweetness think about adding brownies, marshmallow squares or mini fruit pies to the cooler.  

Hydrate All Day! 

Staying outside, even in the shade, on a hot summer day can quickly lead to dehydration. Pack plenty of water, iced tea, lemonade, or sparkling water to keep you and your family and friends hydrated. To add a special touch, infuse your water with fruits like cucumbers or mint for a refreshing twist. 

Pack it Like a Pro: 

As professional caterers in Southwest Florida, we’ve learned how to adapt to the hot sun and high temperatures when we’re hosting an outdoor event. Ensuring your food stays cold when you spend hours outside can be tricky but with the right planning you can make sure your food stays fresh for hours.  

The best investment you can make is buying a quality cooler. A sturdy cooler with good insulation will go a long way and last you for years. One secret to getting more life out of your cooler is to pre-chill it with ice packs before packing your food in. This helps bring down the inside temperature of the cooler, especially if it was stored in your garage. 

Finally, make sure to pack your cooler strategically. Place the items that need the most cooling, like drinks, on the bottom and layer on top leaving the last layer for things like napkins and utensils. Make sure your containers are leakproof to avoid any spills! 


Using the tips above and using recipes that will stay fresh will put you well on your way to packing the perfect picnic that will survive the heat and satisfy your taste buds. If you are planning a larger outdoor event and need it to be catered, Crave Culinaire has got you covered. Call us at (239) 292 – 1529 or visit us online!