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Top Home Entertaining Must-Haves

These days, entertaining at home is the new going out. Not only are you able to stay safe and comfortable in your own home, the possibilities are endless. From virtual cocktail hour to trivia night, holiday parties to birthdays, anything can be celebrated at home when you have the right kind of help. The stress of booking a venue, as well as the worry that you may have in keeping a large number of guests safe may lead you to opt for more intimate at-home soirees, and the right planning and professional help can make it spectacular. When it comes to entertaining at home, here are some of our top home entertaining must-haves to guarantee all of your guests have a memorable time.

Hire a Professional At-Home Caterer

At the core of any well-planned event is a menu that will capture the attention of all in attendance. Choosing to partner with an at-home caterer is key to ensuring that your home gathering will be a success. Having your event catered means that your guests will get to enjoy a carefully curated menu that adds excitement to your gathering. Consider including passed hors d’oeuvres, a signature cocktail and a plated main course, while limiting buffet-style options to abide by health and safety recommendations. When you have a team working with you, you’ll be able to adhere to all of the new safety rules, as well as craft a menu that will delight your guests.

Choose a Theme

Every party needs a theme, and the best part about home entertaining is that you’re not limited to the time of day in which your event takes place. You’re in control of when your gathering occurs during the day, which opens it up to so many more possibilities. Consider the following ideas for your next at-home gathering:

  • High Tea

  • Backyard barbecue

  • Coffee/brunch

  • Wine & cheese night

  • Desserts & cocktails

  • Traditional dinner party

You’re also not limited to only weekend events. Now, your event can take place any day of the week, because you have control over the venue and when it is available.

Find a Location

Another fabulous aspect of entertaining at home is that you’re able to choose where you want your event to take place, which allows for more potential when choosing a theme. Maybe you’d like to plan a garden party or an evening watching the sunset around your infinity pool. You may want to invite a couple of guests over for movie night in your home theater. At your home, your event can be held wherever you desire.

At-Home Entertaining

We have certainly made the most out of our “new normal” and when it comes to gathering to enjoy delicious food and outstanding company, no place is more perfect than your home. Not only do you have more control and creativity in this space, you’re able to plan the event of your dreams, right down to every little detail, especially when you have a professional team helping you every step of the way. So, make the most out of your next gathering, and with some of these home entertaining tips, you’ll be able to leave your guests mesmerized by their experience.

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