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How to Include Mocktails in Your Party

By September 14, 2023 Events
Crafting mocktails

At Crave Culinaire, we see firsthand how much party guests enjoy trying out unique drinks and mingling while they do it. However, alcohol isn’t appropriate at every social gathering. And even if it is, you’ll want to be considerate of those who choose to abstain. 

That’s where mocktails come in! Count on Crave to work side-by-wide with you to plan every detail of your unforgettable event from start to finish. Our team has perfected our craft mocktail offerings with delicious concoctions like a Galaxy Magic Mule and a Blueberry-Thyme Smash at hundreds of memorable parties.

How Can I Serve Mocktails at a Party?

As a sought-after catering company in Naples, Marco Island, and Bonita Springs, we have the inside scoop on how to make your event unforgettable, no matter the parameters. Here are a few tips to follow when adding mocktails to your party. 

Choose a Complementary Event

Generally, serving mocktails will feel most natural at events where alcohol wouldn’t typically be served anyway. This could include: 

  • A lunchtime get-together for a coworker
  • A baby shower for a friend
  • A sobriety celebration for a loved one

And even if alcohol is welcome at your gathering, guests will appreciate your choice to include tasty non-alcoholic beverages. Mocktails include all the fun and excitement of custom cocktails but without the alcohol, meaning everyone can feel included and have an awesome time.

Create a Varied Menu

The list of classic cocktails is long, and so is the list of possibilities when it comes to unique and delicious mocktails you could create. 

A good place to start is by designing alcohol-free versions of cocktails many people know and love. However, since you don’t have to consider the flavor profiles of alcohol for your beverages, you can create all kinds of beverages that range from bold and complex to fruity and sweet.   

Don’t Forget the Food 

To make your mocktails even more of a hit at your party, make sure you pair them with the right bites. Once you decide on the flavors of your mocktails, create a menu of hors d’oeuvres and appetizers that will complement your beverages. If you’re not sure where to start with crafting a menu, our team at Crave Culinaire can help you there.

Enhance the Atmosphere With Music and Decorations

There’s no denying that alcohol can add a certain atmosphere to a social gathering, but you can still make sure your guests enjoy themselves sans alcohol. As long as you create a comfortable, festive atmosphere, they will have a wonderful time — no alcohol required. Put together a fun music playlist, set up aesthetically pleasing lighting, and decorate your space with your guests’ experience in mind. 

Plan an Unforgettable Party With Mocktails From Crave Culinaire

If you’ve never made a mocktail or you’re worried that your event will fall flat without alcohol, turn to Crave Culinaire. We’ve catered successful events of every kind, and our team knows how to create delicious mocktails that are just as fun to enjoy as cocktails. Want to plan the perfect party with us? We’re here to help! Contact us today to get started.