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2021’s Top Summer Food Trends for Your Next Soiree

By May 6, 2021 Catering, Events

Summer is just around the corner and whether you’re planning the ultimate backyard BBQ or an intimate dinner party with friends, 2021 is showcasing some unique and tantalizing food trends. Get ready as we take you on a journey of mouth-watering delights that will not only prove to be crowd pleasers, but also leave your guests salivating for more. If you’re planning a small gathering this summer, let us help you with your menu. From brunch to dessert and everything in between, here are 2021’s top summer food trends for your next soiree.

Brunch Must-Haves

Who doesn’t enjoy a delectable brunch spread, complete with favorites like avocado toast, mimosas and other brunch staples? Well in addition to these crowd favorites, 2021 is seeing the emergence of some interesting trends, “whipped up” to add even more excitement to your party. Whipped coffee, otherwise known as Dalgona coffee is made by whipping equal portions of ingredients like coffee powder, sugar and hot water creating an airy effect that’s beyond enjoyable…it’s downright heavenly! Other whipped items that are making their way onto brunch menus everywhere include:

In addition to these light and airy treats, try adding in lots of lemon to your dishes, another summer trend. Not only does lemon add in a dash of citrusy sweetness, it also adds brightness to any dish. From lemon brownies to beverage garnishes, you’ll find that there’s a place for lemons throughout your entire brunch spread.

Seed to Table

It’s no secret that more and more of us seek to embrace environmentally-friendly habits, including adding garden-fresh fruits and vegetables to our meals. Seed to table dining has exploded onto the scene in recent years and this summer is no different. When planning your lunch or dinner menu, you may want to add in some elements from your garden, freshly-picked at their peak ripeness to add even more flavor to your dishes.

Wellness Shots

The party may kick into overdrive at the mention of shots, but these shots may not be what you’re expecting. Wellness shots, filled with healthy vitamins and nutrients are making their way onto the party scene, designed to give guests a boost of plant-based energy. Try serving passed wellness shots of ginger and turmeric to help reduce inflammation and increase immune function.

Signature Cocktails

Every party deserves to have a signature drink, and this summer, signature cocktails are an absolute must-have at any soiree. From margaritas to Manhattans, there’s a cocktail out there for you, and if you can’t find one that perfectly suits the tone of your event…create one! Partner with a catering team to help you concoct the perfect pairing to complement your menu. Cocktails aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so give your guests something to talk about when they attend your next summer event.

Your Summer Soiree

Whether you’re looking to host an outdoor lunch in the garden, showcasing all of your seed to table bounties or an evening rendezvous with the perfect signature drink, one thing is certain. This summer is about to get hot, and when you have a party to plan, adding these top food trends will ensure that your guests will never forget your summertime soiree.

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