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3 Rules for Hosting the Ultimate Company Holiday Party

It may be challenging to even think about your company holiday party right now, especially since temperatures are at record highs and back to school season is in full effect. However, it’s best to start planning early, so that once season begins, you’re well ahead of the game. From where to host your party to what to serve, we have some best practices that fit into our new normal, so that all in attendance will feel at ease. So, let’s dive into the 3 rules for hosting the ultimate company holiday party…

Rule #1: Choose the Right Time & Place

This is especially important, now more than ever, as companies are seeking alternative ways to host holiday parties. First and foremost, you may want to consider offering virtual options for those who aren’t comfortable being in attendance, which can be made possible via Zoom and other platforms. You may also want to consider hosting your party either before or after that hectic week around Christmas, maybe even in November or January to avoid crowds. And choose a location that you’re comfortable with, preferably one that has a separate event space for your guests to feel comfortable.

Rule #2: Consider Your Caterer

The right catering company can make a world of difference at your event, because after all, food makes any occasion more spectacular. This will also need to be handled with care, so partnering with a catering company that is well-versed in accommodating guests safely and efficiently is a must. Opt for passed hors d’oeuvres or single-serve bites to prevent the spread of germs. We recommend the following for the best no-touch holiday party food:

Work alongside your catering company to curate the perfect menu to not only please your guests, but also help them stay safe and healthy.

Rule #3: Get Feedback From Your Staff

The best party is one that everyone enjoys, and since we’re all navigating things a bit differently nowadays, it’s important to get necessary feedback from those who are going to be in attendance for best results. Consider sending out a poll to see when your staff would ideally like the party to be held and where, and also who would rather attend virtually, so that you can hire the help of an experienced event team to assist you with this. Remember, feedback is crucial to any successful get-together, and now is the time to start thinking about getting your holiday party plan together.

The Perfect Company Holiday Party

Your staff means a lot to your business, and the holiday party is a time to thank them for their hard work, while looking toward the future. By getting organized now, you’ll be able to secure a date and venue that works for your team, so keep these top tips in mind for best results. And don’t forget about your menu, as you’ll be able to plan delicious dishes that your staff will love, without jeopardizing the safety of your guests. The amazing thing about events is that they can be completely customizable to your individual needs, and by teaming up with the right caterer and event company, you’ll be able to give your staff the holiday party they deserve.

Crave Culinaire is ready to help you plan the perfect menu, and alongside sister company Virtual Venue SWFL, we can take your company holiday party to the next level! Call (239) 292-1529 or visit to learn more.

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