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5 Fun Catering Trends to Try at Your Next Event

By February 21, 2023 Catering
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Wondering how to level up your next event and have your guests buzzing with excitement? At Crave Culinaire, we believe it all starts with the catering. An event’s catering can make all the difference because it sets the tone for the affair. One of the best things about exploring up-and-coming catering trends is discovering something new, fun, and exciting.

The new approaches to catering include forward-looking trends like supporting local businesses and focusing on sustainability. What are some other great trends to watch for this year?

Add Fun to Your Event with These 5 Catering Trends

It’s no secret that different types of catering are suited for different events. However, you might not realize how much a few little tweaks and trendy switch-ups can change a party! These are five top catering trends to try for your next event:

1.   Open-Fire Cooking

During catered affairs, guests typically only see the finished product. With open-fire cooking, the atmosphere instantly becomes more dramatic and exciting.

If you want an immersive environment for your guests, open-fire cooking is the way to go; it showcases the talents of the chef and delivers a true farm-to-table experience. It’s also entertaining, creating a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

2.   Mocktail Shots and Shooters

With a focus on health and wellness, this year is already seeing more mocktail shots and shooters than ever. These nonalcoholic options for guests are fun, colorful, and tasty. Some favorites include:

  • Double Rainbow
  • Kamikaze
  • Downtown
  • Thin Mint
  • Toro Rojo

Promoting health and wellness never looked or tasted so good, so keep an eye out for these enticing mocktail shots and shooters all year long.

3.   Vertical Food and Drink Stations

It doesn’t get much more fun when it comes to trends than taking something that’s always been that way — and changing it up! Taking tables of refreshments and turning them on their ends (so to speak) is already one of the most popular trends this year.

Vertical food stations are simply walls with small shelves on which food and drinks are displayed. This is done instead of the typical tables, which take up tons of floor space. Guests can just come and grab a drink or plate from the wall!

4.   Bubbly Bars and Boozy Boba

For guests at your events who want a fun alcoholic drink, it doesn’t get much more fun than boozy boba tea! One of the hottest new catering trends this year is serving up cocktails like boba tea as part of a bubbly bar. The bubbly bar at your next event can offer kombucha, boba, beer, prosecco, and more.

5.   Make It with Mushrooms

This year, it’s the mushroom’s turn to be elevated to main dish status! Catering trends this year feature mushrooms as the tasty new superfood, pushing out kale and cauliflower. Mushroom-forward menus are versatile and can be as simple or as dramatic as needed.

Try the Top Catering Trends by Crave Culinaire

Our team delights in offering our clients dazzling trends that elevate any gathering. For premium catering in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Sarasota, Siesta Key, Venice and beyond, contact us at Crave Culinaire. Let’s talk about how we can satisfy your craving for fun catering at your next event!