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Summer BBQ Safety Tips

By July 16, 2020 Events

The smell of charcoal wafting through the air, the sound of laughter and the sheer enjoyment of a day spent outside in the sun with family and friends simply can’t be beat. Yes, the summer BBQ may be quintessential Americana and looked forward to by many. This year, however, has thrown quite a wrench in many summer plans. From summer vacations to simple get-togethers, the current pandemic that is affecting the world has caused many of us to revise how we handle everyday situations. If you’re looking forward to hosting a BBQ this summer, the decision should be made based on factors, such as your location, health status and comfort level, and taking some safety measures into consideration is strongly recommended.

Take a look at some of the top summer BBQ safety tips, so that you can ensure your gathering is safe and fun!

Keep Your Gathering Small…and Outside

If you’re planning on hosting a BBQ this summer, your guest list may need to be cut in half to ensure that proper social distancing procedures are being followed. Experts recommend hosting your BBQ outside, due to the fact that there is typically more room to safely distance your guests, helping to decrease the chance of airborne contaminants in the space. It’s a good idea to position tables and chairs at least six feet apart ahead of time, so that when your guests arrive, they have a place to settle in and enjoy the day.

You’ll also want to get a handle on your guest list, so that you can keep your small gathering as safe as possible. Remember, large gatherings just aren’t on the menu this summer, so keep it small and take into consideration the health status and comfort level of your guests.

Foods to Enjoy (and Avoid) at Your BBQ

It seems as though the new way of doing things is changing rapidly, and the same goes for how food is served at a small gathering. You may be used to seeing the BBQ staples: chips and dip, hot dogs and hamburgers piled high on a plate, bottles of ketchup and mustard being passed around and so forth; however, this summer, you’ll want to re-evaluate how you serve your guests. It’s recommended to skip dishes that have a tendency to attract crowds, like dips, veggie platters and cheese trays. Instead, try and stick to the following:

  • Pre-wrapped snacks

  • Space between items on a large tray

  • Single-serve condiments

  • Passed apps

It’s also a good idea to set out disposable plates, cups and utensils, and have each guest write their name on their cup to avoid the spread of germs. It’s best to leave your fine dinnerware and drink-ware in the house and away from your BBQ.

Other Helpful Tips

We know that this “new normal” may take some time to get used to as things tend to change each day, but if you plan ahead and take extra precautions, your BBQ can be a fun day for all. Other tips to keep in mind include:

  • Check the weather. Be sure the forecast is calling for a clear day, so that you can avoid having to go inside to a smaller space if it rains.

  • Have one person serve the food, or better yet, hire a staffing team to safely serve your guests.

  • Remember, no high fives, hugs or close talking.

  • Wear a mask, if desired.

If we all strive to do our part during this challenging time, we’re hopeful that we will get through this. So, if you’re looking to safely see family and friends this summer and wish to host a BBQ, keep it small, keep it safe and keep these helpful tips in mind.

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